Why the Hydrogen Production Burner System is a Game Changer

The Hydrogen Production Burner System (“HPBS”) proprietary technology is the first and only H2 production and burner technology system worldwide able to produce a consistent, steady, non-volatile and safe-to-burn concentration of hydrogen on-demand and on-site, thus eliminating costly and complex transportation and storage challenges for customers wanting hydrogen as their “primary burner fuel” of choice. The HPBS provides industry the ability to achieve both energy and environmental conservation while simultaneously realizing a fuel cost savings of 30% to 60% from current expenditure levels.

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The Hydrogen Production Burner System proprietary catalyst converts hydrogen from methanol (CH4O, aka methyl alcohol or wood alcohol), a very stable and readily available liquid easily transported and stored at room temperature. The HPBS proprietary catalyst event does not use a flame to produce its hydrogen concentration mix from methanol. The catalyst does not generate hazardous substances. It is high efficiency with almost zero wasted heat. It has proven safe and reliable both through independent testing and extended periods of operation.

The Hydrogen Production Burner System can be used in a wide range of residential and commercial applications. It is ideal for use in industrial equipment such as boilers, steam generators, and dryers. On-demand hydrogen generation eliminates the need for operators to have expensive high pressure storage tanks and infrastructure while still providing the many environmental benefits of using hydrogen fuel.

For most clients, the conversion from existing coal, diesel, heavy oil, gas or electricity to HPBS produced hydrogen as their new, clean, carbon-free fuel source will be “turn-key”. In most cases, the on-site “fossil-fuel tanks” can be flushed and re-used for methanol storage and the HPBS burner easily converts to the on-site industrial boiler or steam generator.

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