Comparative Test Results

SGS, Inc. has been the world’s leader in verification, testing, certification, and inspection for over 134 years; with over 70,000 employees and 1,350 offices worldwide. In May of 2012, SGS completed independent testing of the HPBS confirming and documenting the system's hydrogen production results.

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The following table shows the results of testing conducted (separate from SGS testing) to compare the efficiency of the methanol reforming Hydrogen Production Burner System to that of a conventional diesel fuel burner. For these repeated tests, the amount of fuel required for each device to raise the temperature of a controlled quantity of water by approximately 65º F was carefully recorded. The expense of the fuel consumed in these tests was then calculated and compared to determine the relative efficiency (or inefficiency) of each device's process:

Hydrogen Generator Efficiency Test Results
Test Date Burner Type Fuel Used Unit Price of Fuel Total Price of Fuel (NT$) Increase in Water Temp. (ºC) Cost of Fuel Per ºC Increase (NT$) H2 Generator Energy Savings
April 12, 2010 Methanol to H2 2.8 kg 8 NT$/kg 22.37 35 0.64 0.422:1 57.8%
Diesel 1.94 L 26.6 NT$/L 51.54 34 1.52
April 13, 2010 Methanol to H2 2.73 kg 8 NT$/kg 21.81 35 0.62 0.421:1 57.9%
Diesel 1.95 L 26.6 NT$/L 51.87 35 1.48
April 14, 2010 Methanol to H2 2.98 kg 8 NT$/kg 23.8 39 0.61 0.41:1 59.0%
Diesel 1.95 L 26.6 NT$/L 53.63 36 1.49