So, Why the Hydrogen Production Burner System?

Energy cost savings, carbon reduction, and increased fuel efficiency are the world’s consensus for meeting future energy requirements. From wind to solar, hydroelectric to geothermal, tidal energy to algae, and biomass to wood chips; many alternative energy sources are currently under development, and to date … none are standouts!

Finding the new “primary” alternative energy source that safely meets the consumer’s demands and industry’s production requirements is the energy industry’s new frontier ... and it is the wild, wild west!

Being the first to market with a significant technological or engineering advancement for alternative energy production and/or consumption offers tremendous opportunity in both financial investment return and positive environmental impact. Most energy industry analysis concludes that hydrogen is the most compelling option for use as a primary fuel source to meet the world’s energy demands.

Hydrogen is nature’s most common element. It is a renewable resource that constitutes about 75% of the known universe – hydrogen is all around us. Hydrogen (H2) gas is an ideal fuel for combustion. The heating value of hydrogen is higher than that of all fossil fuels, and hydrogen's low boiling point and high thermal conductivity properties allow for a greater than 99% fuel burn efficiency – it simply all burns!

Even better, burning hydrogen produces zero harmful emissions. The only by-product of its combustion is pure water. Hydrogen is clean, powerful, endlessly renewable ... it's simply the ideal solution to the world's energy problems of today and tomorrow. So what has been holding hydrogen back?

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