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Trucking Market
There are more than 5,000,000 heavy-duty trucks in operation on American highways every day.

They represent a key sector in the general freight and motor carrier trucking industry that has done particularly well in recent years. Each year, 700,000 new and replacement truck engines are sold in America, typically within the $13,500 to $25,000 price range. It’s a market valued at more than $12 Billion annually.

Heavy-duty truck engines also represent one of the challenges in the ongoing efforts by industry to contain rising fuel costs, improve fuel efficiency, and accommodate alternate fuels.

In addition, given their emission of harmful carbon emissions, they are also targeted by governments seeking to improve environmental quality and public health, and reduce the harmful effects of global warming.

Based on our years of research and development, our approved Patent, and the proven results of prototype testing that first began in 1987, we believe the Detonation Cycle Gas Turbine engine (DCGT) to be that engine.

We plan to market engines in the 300 to 1000+ horsepower range, initially in the United States and then internationally, and to provide parts and services offerings as well.

We anticipate our engine to be priced at approximately $25,000.

Environmental Market
Heavy-duty highway trucks emit harmful greenhouse gasses that pollute the air, contribute to smog and global warming, and risk public health.

Industry leaders, government regulators and the American public are all demanding improvements to air quality and public health, and the TTE Detonation Cycle Gas Turbine engine represents a significant step forward in that regard.

The DCGT is the only modern heavy-duty truck engine design in development that can effectively meet the unique environmental challenges of the new century:

  • one-third less burnt fuel than current piston engine technology
  • 30%+ less fuel emissions and greenhouse gassesfewer nitrogen oxides (NO, NO2, N2O2) and carbon monoxide (CO) emissions
  • operates on all fuels: hydrocarbon, hydrogen and synthetic
  • flex fuel and mixed fuels capability
  • no pistons or valves, and no lube oil, filters or pumps
  • fewer moving parts means less maintenance
  • high power-to-weight ratio
  • air cooled and lightweight: less than 2 lbs. per hp
  • cold start capability

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