United States Patent

A United States Patent application was made in 1997 and approved on December 14, 1999 for a “Detonation Cycle Gas Turbine Engine System Having Intermittent Fuel and Air Delivery.”

U.S Patent No. 6,000,214 protects the Pulse Detonation Engine and Electromagnetic Isothermal Combustion (EIC) System in its entirety.

Its Abstract states:

A detonation cycle gas turbine engine includes a turbine motor contained within a housing. Exhaust ports of respective valveless combustion chambers on opposite sides of the rotor direct combustion gases toward the turbine. The chambers are connected by a valveless manifold fed with fuel and oxidizer. When combustible gases are detonated by an igniter in one of the combustion chambers, the back pressure from the detonation shuts off the fuel and oxidizer flow to that chamber and redirects the fuel and oxidizer to the opposite chamber, where detonation occurs. The process repeats cyclically. Power is taken off the rotor shaft mechanically or electrically.

All schematics, figures, and diagrams of the patent are available here from the United States Patent Office.

International Patents

An international application (a Patent Cooperation Treaty application) for an advanced version of the engine was filed on November 21, 2008. The company announced on July 22, 2009 that the International Searching Authority (ISA) had issued a written opinion that the new “Rotary Mechanically Reciprocated Sliding Metal Vane Air Pump and Boundary Layer Gas Turbines Integrated with a Pulse Gas Turbine Engine System” is a unique invention in its novelty, inventiveness, and industrial applicability. The affirmative ISA finding is required to secure patent rights to the engine system throughout the world.

On August 18, 2011, TTE announced that the Detonation Cycle Gas Turbine Engine had received a patent from the State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China.



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